LTE-A Cellular & VSAT Bundles

AXXESS MARINE VSAT/4G/5G; the first and ONLY true on demand VSAT and 4G/5G Data bundle.

Axxess Marine has set new standards in marine communication solutions. We’ve taken our revolutionary on demand VSAT service and packaged it with Axxess Marine’s best in class international 4G/5G data plans.

The advantage? Pay for your communications services only when you use them.

Axxess Marine is the only marine communication provider able to offer seamless transitions from data plans to VSAT and back again. In fact, we work with clients to develop custom VSAT and data bundles agile enough to evolve with each vessel’s ever-changing schedule, alleviating stress, saving the crew time and money.

Why? Because we don’t think our clients should have to pay for their communication services unless they are using them.

Quality of service? Second to none. Network connectivity? Best in class international service provider networks, with first priority network connectivity.

Cutting edge iDirect technology, the next-generation platform, powers high bandwidth applications and unleashes the performance of high throughput satellites with unparalleled stability.

NOC service centres?  Global locations, making your service a priority 24/7. In-house teleports & NOCs, with eighteen satellite beams uplinked from strategically located hubs.

Client Commitment?  The same amazing, real-time customer service you have come to know and expect from Axxess Marine.