Cyber Security At Sea

The global maritime market is becoming increasingly more vulnerable, and a lucrative target for cyber criminals. Many yacht owners, management & charter agents and individual vessels have been the victims of cyber security breaches, losing countless hours and incurring significant costs in the recovery process.

Axxess Marine provides reassurance and peace of mind within maritime cyber security, regardless of vessel size and activity. We provide a comprehensive package to cover all cyber security features needed for a vessel, all monitored, managed and maintained from shore.


All data is synced from vessel to shore using optimized software algorithms to ensure low data usage, giving more bandwidth to the vessel. Axxess Secure is fully integrated with the Axxess Marine on-board portal, enabling real time information and cyber security alerts to be delivered to the crew and management. Powered by the partnership of PORT I.T. and ESET, Axxess Secure delivers a single solution to protect you against multiple threats.

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