OneWeb's reliable connectivity creates new opportunities for more advanced technologies on board any recreational sailing or motor yachts. Guests, owners, and crew can connect with ease to a fleet of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites even at the most remote ocean locations. Smaller, lighter, weatherproof terminals are easy to install and manage for peace of mind and robust and reliable two-way communications from any location.


Maritime connectivity reinvented
With a usable network capacity of over 1.1Tbps, OneWeb’s high-throughput global network of 648 satellites will transform maritime communications, solving complex and
dynamic needs across all leisure maritime sectors.

Uninterrupted global coverage
OneWeb’s truly global services will ensure seamless connectivity wherever a vessel operates. With no borders or barriers and a simple interface, OneWeb will enable the adoption of new, more efficient solutions – even above 60⁰ degrees latitude.

Unmatched low-latency
Orbiting at only 1200km, OneWeb’s satellites are 30 times closer to Earth than GEO satellites and 8 times closer than those of MEO operators. This low altitude means incredible <100ms low-latency connectivity to offer vessels, passengers, guests and crew the same tools and experiences as on land.

Unbelievable higher speeds
Maritime solutions give customers the freedom to navigate the oceans, with the guarantee of high performance (in excess of 100Mbps) reliable and affordable connectivity for all needs, at all times, in all regions. The robust network will allow owners and guests to securely perform their business activities as usual on board, while the sophisticated service can meet varying bandwidth demands for all leisure and operational needs – for passengers, guests and crew.

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