When a lower priced product costs you more. Knowing The Difference Between Price And Cost.

Posted: Dec 13, 2017
Like so many companies in the marine industry, the Axxess Marine team has been hit up by companies with offers of lower pricing for products, services and hardware on many occasions.  And to be honest, we give these offers a good once over. Why wouldn’t we? I was reminded of how important it is to be calculating in the consideration of  these offers when I read a blog post by NLP, (Next Level Purchasing)

The Axxess Marine approach to considering price, value and true cost is a detailed one- and while we are sure you jump through the same sort of hoops when exploring new offerings, I thought I would share some simple details that help us determine what the real value and savings are (if any) when we look into how we (and therefore our clients) could save money.

  1. Is the price- really the PRICE? First and foremost- are there hidden details in the lower priced offer that would inflate the price for our clients in the end? Are all of the fees upfront?  If not, why not and do I trust someone who can’t tell me what I will pay each month, every month?
  2. Who are these guys? While we remember that Axxess Marine was once the new kid on the block so to speak, we are also aware that we need the utmost assurance that any company we work with can back up what its selling.  While it might take longer, we research the hell out of company we deal with. Good reputation- check.  DO they know their product?    Can they teach us something that makes us better at what we do- every time we talk to them? Double check.
  3. Sure the price is lower, but wait a minute- no customer service? Ok, this is a game changer for our team and should be for your crew too.  A lower price for a product or service on the front end without real time resolution services at the ready- is well, a really quick way to lose money.
  4. No guarantee? No thank you. Hey, we aren’t looking for perfection here, but what we do want is a guarantee that we get a premier product and when there are issues, the company comes to the table.  That’s what Axxess Marine does, and that’s what we expect from anyone we want to partner with.
  5. Numbers don’t lie. What is the real cost of solid and accountable service versus a lower priced product that is fraught with issues?  Do the math (ya, sorry that was a smart ass remark, but seriously do the math).  Once you calculate the cost of lost service, product issues, and the absence of a front line specialist who will help you get things sorted real time, the lower price you paid has just cost you a small fortune in time, effort and well, guests don’t like you much anymore either.

In the end, lower pricing means nothing without value.  At Axxess Marine, we may not always have the lowest price- but we have BY FAR the best value for the money you spend with us, and that my friend, is a guarantee.

Your partners in good business- Kym and the Axxess Marine team

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