Reason #2 - Our USA Built 5G Ready Antennas

Posted: Dec 05, 2021
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Why we’re looking forward to seeing you at the 60th ACYM this year…

Reason #2 – Our USA Built 5G Ready Antennas

It’s great to see the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting back on the yachting events calendar and we’re looking forward to meeting with existing and new clients during the show. #AxxessMarine is proud to sponsor this year’s #ACYM event along with #Viasat and #Yotspot, which marks its 60th anniversary and runs from the 4th to 9th December, and you’ll find us at our local office at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, Falmouth Harbour. 

Following extensive evaluation and a rigorous testing programme at TUV, the #AX50, AX100 Duo and AX200 Quad models proved to operate effectively at the 5G frequency range of 3.4 – 3.8 GHz, and we’re pleased to announce are now certified as 5G ready. The USA built #AX Omni Directional LTE antenna range is the product of extensive research and performance testing which has resulted in a range of antennas with game-changing performance like no other, for both private yachting and commercial marine deployment. For more details please stop by at the office or contact; 

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