Monaco Yacht Show

Posted: Aug 02, 2017

Connect with the Axxess Marine Team at the Monaco Yacht Show Jettee Lucciana stand QL17.

While you make your plans to be at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, please schedule some time for a visit and a cocktail or coffee with the Axxess Marine team. New SIM packs will be available for pick up at the Axxess Marine Stand and new program and product launches will be taking place throughout the show.

Have questions about VSAT, or VSAT data bundles, hardware for the coming season, Axxess Marine TV or voice services? MYS is the perfect time to connect with us and talk through all of the options you have for the Caribbean season.

Whether you are onboard your vessel during the show or wandering about – stop by for a quick hello. Have I mentioned we are a fun team and it will be totally worth your while? Well, we are- and it will be!

If you are looking to schedule time to get VSAT, hardware or installation quotes- you don’t need to make an appointment, but it may be helpful. Speedcast and Pepwave Team members will be on hand at our booth to discuss all of the amazing innovations they are making in partnership with Axxess. (We can’t wait to fill you in.)

Just touch base with Kym or Attila via whatsapp or email and we will make sure the people you want to connect with are free when you visit.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Kym, Attila and the Axxess Marine Team

Kym +1954-854-7528

Attila +1 954-995-8414

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