Introducing AxxessLearn

Posted: Dec 03, 2019
Marine Communications is about to hit another technological revolution. For this reason, we have developed AxxessLearn. Our training ensures that you will be familiar with the latest products in VSAT and Cellular  that are set to work with existing and brand new technologies - High Throughput Satellites, LEO satellites, 5G and learn how to better manage your data throughout your onboard network.

Internet demand is rapidly growing every year. From web browsing and cloud services, to video streaming and conference calling, the necessity for high speed internet and 100% uptime is becoming increasingly more important.

More and more pressure is placed on yacht captains and engineers to be online and stay online with high speeds. This is something that  guests and owners onboard expect. This is also a big part of crew welfare. As technologies and internet speeds get better, the need for data in everyday life and at work becomes greater.  Also, as the IoT (Internet of Things) grows worldwide, more and more onboard yacht systems will become dependent on a solid, fast internet connection.

What does this mean for you? Due to this high demand on data it is important to be skilled in the operation, management, security, and troubleshooting of your onboard communications systems.

Get trained by the best in the marine comms industry. You will learn simple, super effective techniques to make your job and life easier at sea.

With easy methodical approaches you will know the steps to take in any given situation within the satellite, cellular and IT network environments.


The training will be divided into two parts:

  • Day 1 & 2: VSAT
  • Day 3: Cellular, IT Management & Axxess Marine Portal

The course uses a Sign-in and Sign-out system – pay for the time you spend here. Don’t leave until you’ve learned and taken everything you can from the course. If you need more time use it to pick our brain. We want to help you and we will stay as long as you do!

We can also arrange more personalized follow up training specifically related to your equipment if you so choose.

Be knowledgeable in the right areas. Not just on one product but in the field as a whole:

  • Interactive classrooms – we want to talk with you, get involved, ask away – you learn so much better that way!
  • Theory and practical together – don’t just listen and watch. Practice and operate the equipment yourself!

For $350 a day you can come away knowing everything you need to know to ensure your vessel stays connected to the increasing online world. Part of your course fee is donated to 4Ocean and the wonderful work they do to clean up our oceans. Reach out to our team to schedule your training!

Be better equipped, Be a problem solver, Be a yacht communications hero.

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