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Posted: Feb 07, 2024
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Axxess Marine - At sea, in port...and now at home!

We're incredibly excited to announce the launch of AxxessHome, our first major brand extension forming part of the company's innovative future growth strategy. Over more than a decade Axxess Marine has built an enviable reputation, punching well above its weight and delivering connectivity and communication services across the maritime industry including; Starlink, OneWeb, VSAT, Cellular and AV/TV. 

However, with the challenges the whole industry now faces from new and emerging LEO technologies, the company has plans to build on its solid customer base in the maritime sector and extend its brand values, engineering skill-sets and unique customer-focused approach into the luxury property market. 

Maritime vessels have been using satellite and cellular connectivity for decades, primarily for safety and security at sea. However, within Axxess Marine's luxury yachting client base, the emphasis has been on owner, guest and crew comfort and convenience ensuring a broadband experience on board, wherever the vessel is located in the world. 

AxxessHome builds on this with the ability to install and support connectivity and Smart Home networks in properties around the globe, with either existing fibre connectivity or an upgraded blend of technologies. Once enabled the residents, owners, vacationing guests and others can enjoy a completely connected Smart Home experience. 

AxxessHome enables multiple smart home solutions for comfort, convenience, safety and security from the leading smart home brands and technologies.


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