AX Omni Directional Antenna

Posted: Jul 15, 2017

What happens when you need an antenna that offers a high yield solution for clients- but no matter how hard you look- the antenna just doesn’t exist?

You design and develop one.

May 15th, after 52 months of design, development and beta testing, Axxess Marine released the AX Omni Antenna to the marketplace. Over two years of research and performance testing has resulted in an Antenna series whose range and game changing performance are unlike any other antenna on the market.

“Since Axxess Marine replaced our antenna the speed has doubled and the connection is consistent. The service was outstanding!” – Captain M/Y Hermitage

The AX Omni Directional Antenna series covers digital, analog and PCS cell bands in 3 different sizes: 0.5m, 1m, 2m radome.

The AX Omni Directional Antennas are lab built. All electrical connections are hand soldered and gold plated for reliability, minimizing loss and preventing corrosion.

Internal architecture of the AX Omni Antenna is proprietary in design and specially developed for the marine industry by a team of scientists who design and build antennas for NASA.

AX Omni Directional Antenna Specs:


AX50 7-8dBi

AX100 9 -10 dBi

AX200 11 -13 dBi

VSRW: <1:2:1 = 695 -3000 Mhz 50 Ohms

AX50 4.2Kg AX100 4.6 Kg AX200 5.0 Kg

50 Watts

Type N Female

Gold plated – Copper Vertical 120 Mph 5 Years


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