Svalbard, our AX200 Antenna

Posted: Jun 22, 2022
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Svalbard, our AX200 antenna (and a few other impressive numbers!)

Located 800 Km north of mainland Norway in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, Svalbard is full of superlatives: it’s the world’s northernmost year-round settlement; it’s home to the world’s northernmost university, church and brewery; and it’s one of the few places in the world where anyone can live. In fact, of the nearly 2,400 residents who live in Svalbard’s capital Longyearbyen, almost 30% are immigrants, originally hailing from more than 50 different countries. There are only 40Km of roads, the midnight sun shines 24/7 and the 3000 polar bears easily outnumber humans on the island! And when M/Y Pioneer visited recently they saw some impressive numbers of their own, easily achieving 100-150Mbps down and more than 50Mbps up, with our AX 200 duo antennas and new Vodafone EU22 SIM.

Comments from Axxess Marine RF Engineer Martijn Haasdijk :  Pioneer is a beautiful vessel with a cellular setup to complement it. Due to Axxess Marine's AX200 Duo Double Antenna setup, they were the perfect candidate for Pepwaves's New 5G modems. The new 5G modems provided instant improvements to their overall cellular performance. After this install, we all walked away as happy clients and service providers.

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