Learn How Peplink's Speedfusion & VPN Can Transform Your Network

Posted: Dec 05, 2023
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State of the art Speedfusion technology; the highest data speeds, increased network security and a fully optimised system for best end user experience.

  • Uncapped VPN packet bonding for increased speeds and seamless failover
  • Fully encrypted data traffic provides enhanced network security
  • WAN smoothing optimises real time communication (Zoom, W’App, FaceTime)
  • Includes UK or US static IP for enhanced streaming with option to swap**
  • Suitable for Kerio with Peplink Edge router, or Peplink main routers
  • Unbreakable service with failover options on Ku, 5G, LEO within VPN
  • Enables customised outbound policies for efficient data usage
  • Traffic steering rules optimised to prioritise cheaper data connections
  • The ultimate on board experience for crew and guests
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