The Portal that lets you take control of your 4G/LTE Data connections, IPTV services

1. Vessel ID 

2. Contact details Onboard, but also shore based vessel management can have full access for administration purposes

3. Manage your active sims at a glance, by clicking the active SIM the select SIM can be suspended

4. Inactive SIMs selection

5. Online activation of your SIMs

6. Billing History

7. SIM activity history, see when sims were activated and suspended.

8. Up and Download realtime data throughput

9. Signal strength on each cellular antenna

10. Total Data usage per carrier

11. IPTV subscription management, 200+ channels and over 1000 movies and TV series

12. VPN / Bonding Configuration

13. Vessel details and AIS information

14. Vessel image

Interactive client platform that gives the client the control they need over Cellular data services and hardware


SIM management system


Activation, suspension and Top Up


Data usage statistics


Signal strength and service status


SIM card history




Signal strength overlay for service reference


30 day minimum commitment based on provider’s billing cycle. Prorated billing charges for accounts activated for weeks in advance of provider billing cycle (to align billing). All charges of client usage based on rate plan from date activated

Unless you cancel your Axxess Marine service within 2 days of the next billing cycle you will be charged on a monthly basis

If you choose to terminate your Axxess Marine service prior to the end of the contracted period you will be responsible to pay for the remaining monthWhen joining Axxess Marine you will be asked to agree to recurring charges from a credit/debit card. If this payment arrangement ends then this charge may be levied for any one-off payments necessary

If your account is terminated this fee will apply to reconnect your service and you will also need to pay for a replacement SIM card

You may require a new SIM card if yours is broken, lost, your service is terminated or potentially to get access to the Axxess Marine service in some additional countries in the future. Additional postage charges will apply.

The Axxess Marine service plans provide customers with a monthly inclusive allowance. Any un-used allowance does not roll over to the next month.

If you terminate your contract your service will be switched off at your next billing anniversary cycle.If you change your monthly plan, this change will take effect from the start of the next billing cycle if you provide at least 48 hours notice to the end of your existing billing cycle. Otherwise this change will take place at the start of the subsequent billing cycle.

All prices are defined and charged subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant purchase agreement.

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