What is an APN?

An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier

Can I use my existing hardware?

Most likely. Please advise make/model of your existing hardware in order to confirm compatibility. *Our hardware does integrate into the Axxess Marine client platform and gives you additional information on signal strength, cellular data uses per provider and actual through put up and down load.

Do I have to be in the service area to activate the SIM card for that area?

No – we recommend you activate in advance if possible in order to avoid any down time or activation delays. Keep in mind the SIM will not connect until you are in the region for the SIM to work.

How is the activation process completed?

Once you have received your Login information and are able to sign in to your activation portal, you will have complete control and responsibility with regard to when and for how long you wish to remain active in any given location.

Can I suspend service?

Yes – you are in complete control as to when you activate, suspend service and require a top up.

What is the length of time I can suspend my account?

There is no limitation to the length of time you remain suspended when required

Is there a charge to suspend a SIM card?


Who do I contact when I have a problem with activating or suspending my services?

Please contact
Axxess Marine by email with any issues or queries you may have about your account.

Where can I expect to have quality data service once activated?

Assuming your set up and hardware is correctly set up onboard, you can expect to have 4G/LTE service in close proximity to populated areas where cell towers are located. We have had feedback from clients confirming 3G service signal as far as 15nm offshore. Cellular Data Function

Does Axxess Marine ‘throttle’ speeds?

No. Customers can expect 50GB plans on the maximum available data speed of any particular area.

What are the APNs for the Axxess Marine SIM cards?

  • Spain – Telefonica APN
  • France – SFR APN websfr + Pin code as per SIM card
  • Italy – Wind APN internet.wind + Pin code as per SIM card 
  • Croatia – Tele2 APN
  • Montenegro – Telenor APN flat + Pin code as per SIM card
  • Malta – Vodafone APN internet
  • Greece – Vodafone APN internet + Pin code as per SIM card
  • USA – T Mobile APN
  • Caribbean Zone 1 – Digicel APN digicelbusiness
  • Caribbean Zone 2 – Digicel APN web
  • Caribbean Plus – Digicel APN digicelbusiness



How to log into the Pepwave Router

The default factory settings to log in to the router are as follows:

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Wifi password: last 8 digits of the MAC address

  1. Connect the router by Ethernet cable or Wifi to a computer or mobile device
  2. In your browser type in the IP address:
  3. Password: admin Username: admin

 How to set the APN on a Pepwave router

When the status of Mobile Internet keeps showing Connecting…, your APN settings might be incorrect and you can change it as follows.Go to Dashboard > > WAN Connection Status >  Cellular  > Select Details.By default, Auto is selected and Pepwave should automatically detect the APN, configure the modem, and make connection.

DashboarddetailsTo change settings, select Custom Mobile Operator Settings, and the following fields will be available.

  • APN – Specify APN of the service in which you would like to connect to.
  • Login ID – Provided by your service provider.
  • Password – Provided by your service provider.
  • SIM Pin – Provided by your service provider.Cellular Details-APN
  • It is very important that the correct APN is entered, if not connection may fail.

How to disable health check

When a DNS failure comes up its recommended to disable the Health Check option.

Go to Dashboard > > WAN Cellular  > Select Details.

Health Check Settings > Select Disabled > Safe and Apply

Health Check

How to Enable Remote Access?

Login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator. By default, it is set as: (MAX and Surf SOHO)

Click the “Turn on” link under “System Information”,  as specified by the following screenshot:

Remote Assistance Turn ONHow to Reboot the Pepwave router?

Login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator. By default, it is set as: (MAX and Surf SOHO)

Click the “Reboot ” link under “System”,  as specified by the following screenshot:

RebootWhere do I find the serial number of my Pepwave router?

Login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator. By default, it is set as: (MAX and Surf SOHO)

Select the STATUS on the navigation bar on the top of the screen.

See as specified by the following screenshot:

Serial NumberBILLING

Do I need a US Social Security number to set up an account for US data service?

No, All we need is, Full Name, Billing address and a Credit Card

Can I use an International credit card for monthly fees?

Yes- all major international credit cards are accepted. (we do not accept AMEX or Discovery) Monthly service fees are made by credit card payment only – we cannot accept wires.

Is there an activation fee?

Yes – there is a one-time activation and account set up fee of $45.00.

How is billing set up?

We work with a host of providers globally to provide our clients with the most effective, affordable and scale-able service. Given that most clients require service for unique time periods and service providers have varying billing cycles, we pro-rate service costs for you.  Our billing structure guarantees the most affordable service and easiest set-up regardless of activation timing. A SIM card must be activated for one full billing cycle. Example: if you activate on the 15th of the month and the billing cycle is from the 1st to the 30th of each month, you would be billed for the remaining 15 days of that initial month plus the next 30 days of the new billing cycle. If you activated your SIM on the first, you would be billed for only the 30 days of billing.

What are the billing cycles for the different counties/providers?

  • Spain                         Plan runs from the 1st of each month
  • France                       Plan runs from the 1st of each month
  • Italy                            Plans run from the  1st of each month
  • Croatia                      Plan runs from the  1st of each month
  • Greece                       Plan runs from the 6th of each month
  • USA                            Plans run from the 17th of each month
  • Caribbean                Plan runs from the 21st of each month
  • Caribbean Plus       Plan runs from the 11th of each month
  • Caribbean Zone 2  Plan runs from the 21st of each month
  • Global Roaming     Plan runs from the 7th of each month
  • Euro Roaming        Plan runs from the 1st of each month

What is Prorated billing?

30 day minimum commitment based on provider’s billing cycle. Prorated billing charges for accounts activated for weeks in advance of provider billing cycle (to align billing). All charges of client usage based on rate plan from date activated