Make sure you have all you need for this busy season! If you still have SIM cards from last year, please let the Axxess Team know so we can get them upgraded and replaced. Our team is already in France, Spain, Italy and the US, so replacements will be swift no matter where you and the vessel are currently sitting. Need your new Pepwave or AX Omni antenna ordered and installed? Just send one of our team members an email and we will get you scheduled.
Request your new ONE SIM card for immediate activation, fast speeds and super simple ease of use. If you haven’t yet checked it out, VSAT and SIM bundles are getting rave reviews.. If you are interested in Axxess Marine’s game changing VSAT program and our best in class 4G LTE data, consider bundling the two and getting your data at a mere fraction of the cost. Give us a whistle and we will share the detail- even if you are still under contract and only in planning stages.

For more info on MED SIM plans, hardware, voice and VSAT programs please click here and take a look through all of the options. Looking forward to working with you this season and helping you ease into the mad MED season with the best possible service and communication solutions from Axxess Marine. (We have you covered no matter where your journey takes you!)

Kym and the Axxess Marine Team
Tricia (accounts)